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Kizaya, With a tail. by brisi123

Name: Kizaya Miyuna

Age: 6 sweeps

Gender: Female

Title: Seer of Mind

Trollian Handle: mischievousSquid [MS]

Typing Style: Every 'o' is replaced with a Zero and every 'A' is replaced with an X; 'I wxnt t0 g0 h0me xnd plxy' 

Sign/Symbol: A ring of lopsided V's with their point's outward with a twister in the center.

Strife Specibi: The Pogostick of Doom.

Fetch Modus: Warp Color Modus; Set up similar to Twister, in which the body part used to pick up the object and it's primary color decide what order the object is capturelogged. In order to retrieve the item, the position set on the items placement must be preformed.

Planet: Land of Crystals and Power

Likes: Kizaya is a sweet troll but she has an odd group of hobbies. She enjoys the typical roleplaying and chatting with her friends as well as bouncing around on her trampoline, but she also likes to collect dead skeletons and stuffed critters, as well as sets of small yet deadly objects (throwing knives, shurikens, and a pair of katanas). Though she is unlikely to use them against another troll or her Lusus,  she enjoys the way they look on her wall, sometimes trying her hand at blindfolded knife throwing against her smaller stuffed creatures. She also loves the color purple
Hates: Sitting still, Being touched in the dark, people that hurt her friends >:[, troll movies, and the color pink.

History: The Lusus who raised Kizaya found her near the beach. Upon accepting her they moved to a Cave that still connected to the ocean, but was also private. When Kizaya was younger, (around 2 sweeps) her Lusus was moving around some of her stuffed animals (literal animals) while she slept in her recuperacoon. One of Kizaya's braids stuck out and her Lusus cut it on accident when it moved the animal which had a shuriken sticking out of it. This is the reason she doesn't like to be touched in the dark.

After entering the game, Kizaya used the alchemiter to combine her weapons into one super awesome murder kit then combined it with her pogostick to make her current strife specibi, THE POGOSTICK OF DOOOMMMMMM.

Personality: Kizaya Is a highly optimistic troll that loves to live on the brightside of things. Though her wall of sunshine can be broken through with the darkest situation regarding those around her.

Ancestor: ------

Lusus/Sprite: Resembles a giant squid with three spheres (Small, Medium, Large, In that order from bottom to top) imbedded in it's mantle and eyes on its tentacles. There was a large chamber underneath the hive that included an underground lake in which it resided. The lake has a channel that leads out to the ocean. It checked on Kizaya throughout her life with its long tentacles.

Blood Color: Mutant; Yellow mixed with blue(Not mixed like make green, more like an oil and water thing. It stays as separate colors yet its swirled together.)

Attire: Black shirt with her symbol on it in purple, dark blue worn jeans and purple sneakers. As well as large circular glasses.

Kizaya. This needs a MoThErFuCkInG PIC7UR3

Lyuhin -don't mind my awkwardness-

So i realized that i accidentally posted Siddka before this one
and this one was my first one so yeah.... awkward.

Lately I have felt like drawing a smitten of stuff. :dummy:
However I lack inspiration at times so if anyone could give me some ideas as of what to draw I would gravely appreciate it. ^^


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United States

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